Anti Trumpism general

in this thread I am going to post my political opinions/ramblings, specifically about how Trump and his supporters are a danger to the future of humanity.

anybody who feels differently is not only welcome but encouraged to come in here and make a counter argument. anybody who wants to contribute can. it will probably just be me posting shit and nobody reading it but that's fine by me.

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@REFPSI @Numeta

it might take me a day or two to get going

Ex-full fledged trumper here, although anti-gun ism can get fucked. if i have to vote trump to secure gun rights i will. if only i had more than 2 options.

not really sure this corner of the internet needs your views on trump when you can readily get that anywhere you want

just give me a chance

I’m sure this will be a productive thread that persuades a lot of minds

People should vote how they want and what is the best for their personal situation. I can’t stomach trumps rhetoric and tweets, but his policies are good for me, at least more so overall than Biden. I live in a very blue state so I’m lucky (in a sense that my vote doesn’t matter)

I voted Gary J in 16

"I’m sure this will be a productive thread that persuades a lot of minds"

that's the goal, yeah.


I love guns now

are you being serious?

My next day delivery is going to take 5 days

There goes $130 I guess?

okay, well anyway. tonight I'm going to address two topics

one: dehumanization, the power of language, specifically dehumanizing language, the link it has with religiously/racially motivated violence, and genocide. and how that relates to the present day situation in the USA.

second: gun law, pro vs anti gun arguments, what statistics can tell us, and the idea of "saftey" as it relates to gun ownership

i'll post these things in a few hours

Obsession with guns is so fucking weird dude

Power hungry? You probably own guns

Weak or scared? You probably own guns

You a little bitch? You probably own a bedazzled little pistol

I’m not engaging with you because you’re an idiot and presumed goy

maybe love is a strong word. a society of guns is not my ideal. I am still down with the light reforms, but mocking gun ownership in this society feels dumb to me now. no more taking guns talk until it is paired with taking cops' guns as well.