Any ideas to boost site activity?

I’ve noticed that the site has been getting exponentially less activity recently and seems to be declining. No new users and the current users are posting less and less. Are the administrators going to acknowledge this in any way? It would be a shame to see the site decay so hard.


Two mafia subforums

post on reddit about namafia

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No I do. The site is getting exponentially less traffic in comparison to when it was growing. Why are you still emulating my conversational style?

I am the Google AI BOT Dan hired to bolster site numbers. I learn how to post from other forum members.

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Ban Benny and Nmagane so they can stop scaring users away with their trite garbage

That explains why you type like the lowest denominator communities (4chan, reddit) chuckles

I am in the process of moving to Japan. Afterward I will make more threads

make sure u post some pics

You should probably refrain from posting unsubstantiated site use “trends” when the site has only been around for 2 months

the site gets active when ppl mAke new threads

We usually have 6-15 users online and it’s been mostly the same. But no one posts cuz there’s rarely new threads recently

The site was made in mind for the 30-40 people who had browsed/posted/played mafia on end times NADOTA. After the infamous password reset the community never recovered, so hopefully there can be an event/NADCL partnership or something that can help us gain old and new users

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