Any Sci Fi Fans?

Look for all the retro sci fi references in this vid. They are everywhere

01 Twilight Zone
:20 Naked Barbie Doll
:30 Destination Moon (rocket)
.33 MTV logo
.35 Trip to the Moon movie
.36 Lost In Space
:47 Logans Run, Back to the future, Men in Black, Eye of HAL, Rollerball
.55 Nineteen Eighty-Four, MSTK3
.57 Dr. Who phonebooth, THX 1138 on the wall
1:01 Battlestar Galatica tattoo, BB8 from Star Wars
1:04 Matrix (red/blue pill in glasses reflection)
1:08 Armageddon or Independence Day.
1:11 5th Element
1:14 Patches (Prometheus, Silent Running, Alien)Major Tom Logo On Space Suit.
1:14 Star TreK (USS Enterprise (NCC-1701))
1:21 Posters (War of the Worlds, Body Snatchers, Soylent Green)
1:28 Area 51, Alien Autopsy, Logo from Lost
1:54 and 2:00 Day The Earth Stood Still robot
2:16 Barbarella
2:22 Metropolis
2:23 ET
2:24 Forbidden Planet (Robby The Robot)
2:25 Outland and Enemy Mine posters
2:29 Close Encounters (Devil’s Tower)
2:41 Time Machine (on left), 2001 monolith, Star Trek
2:43 Max Headroom
2:35 Alien
3:04 Buckaroo Banzi Ending
3:18 Dr. Who (dalek)
3:36 Flash Gordon rocket ship

Any Faggot Gay Porn Fans?

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No just sci fi fans here. If you want to talk about Faggot Gay Porn start another thread please.

I will post later after I watched it a few times.

This channel is amazing. Just watch one popular vid and tell me I am wrong.