Anybody play DnD

anyone interested in being a mega nerd?

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I would play online if I had people to play it with

Yeah I’d love to dm some short games if at least 3 people are interested

interesting proposition, id like to play but i cant guarantee that i’d be able to dedicate a whole night or anything. @Roragok is the biggest dnd geek here, @Matticus too i think.

I have never played Dnd before but I’ve played a lot of Talisman with @jones, @Nyte, and @Robert haha.

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I’ve run nadota games before. Only made it a session or three till we couldn’t get enough.

I still dm weekly and biweekly for irl friends.

I’d be interested in playing and I’m pretty consistent

weren’t you running CoS here before?

I have run CoS to completion. With nadota I tried Horde of the Dragon Queen (1-15 adventure).
Then tried the start set Lost Mines of Phandelver.

I would be open to DMing again if people are interested. Big DND fan here.

My open days are Monday every week. Wednesday and Thursday biweekly.

I’m definitely down thanks Roragok.

If your DMing sign me the fuck up.


You wanna do a one shot first, I wanna know how you guys play :flushed:

sure host one up

I would say I’m anti min max and like clowning around seriously.

how does this work do oyu just play over text?

i played DnD like twice but it was with like a whole setup


any advice for keeping a reliable dnd party (in person or over discord)

i have a group but 3 out of the like last 5 weeks at least one person has flaked cuz of work commitments or relationship commitments or like random less understandable excuses. It makes it really hard (as a dm) too keep people invested when this happens and theres a long gap between sessions. Also its hard to not get sad when i work pretty hard to prepare for a session and it ends up getting canceled last minute.

I’m thinking of maybe doing like ‘flashback’ sessions or something kinda filler arc esque if say 4 out of the 5 people can make a session where the players can roleplay and flesh out their past experiences/stories together but i dont wanna give experience or too much loot for this because then the players who can’t make it will feel left behind which is something i really want to avoid. The problem with this is its hard to make the stakes feel real when a session doesn’t really involve the main story and doesn’t offer much reward for the players.

It just really sucks to have 4/5 people down and then the session gets canceled. real blue balls situation im trying to figure out how to deal with .