Anyone else not okay with asoul having a 40 day forum read time?


What does that even mean

You’ve clearly hacked your stats dude you’ve spent more time than most people on this site combined.

I mean wow

-39 sanity

I just did the math. He has spent 16 hours per day browsing this forum over the last 2 years


Hmm.. OK

This is what I meant when I said mafia players don't read enough

You manipulated the images with some form of image manipulation software or possibly firmware

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Wouldn't surprise me if you were hiding the real data in eeprom somewhere

Did you hide the real data in the 0th ring where I cant get to it?

My like ratio is unmatched leggooo


kkat pulling out all the read time

I have so much read time


I wonder what the count time is anyway. Like if the browser is on my phone but not active does it still read as active? Cuz that would certainly explain it

at the start of the thread it has a "read time" estimate. so like some threads i just skip a bunch or skim really quickly. if it has a 20min read time itll probably count all that anyways.

or maybe it just is how long ur pc is there. idk. i leave tabs open and just leave pc on a lot

All of this pales in comparison to ixmike's accrued hours logged in DotA 2.

AS the forums onlyt paid employee he fucking betterbe