anyone experiencing more freezes on mobile lately?

might be related to that thing where we gotta update our plugins still. is this happening more frequently to anyone else or is it the same amount of freezing that you've always experienced?

I'm getting a lot of 429 too any request errors recently on mobile and desktop.

Not sure if it's related to this or not.

Getting tons in the past 3-5 days. Almost always when I change tabs while editing a post

yeah same. I'm wondering what it could be but I also just switched off chrome to some chromium browser (brave) so I can't tell if it's because of that

It's happening on my chrome and mobile chrome

Pretty sure the too many requests bug only happens when I view PM's

I get it like at least 5 times a game if I'm mafia

It's normally related to the twitch thing.

Yeah, there's a bunch of deprecated/no longer supported stuff in the messaging plugin, iirc