Anyone here outside of the USA?

I am trying to sign up for an account on an exchange but they are not letting USA customers sign up.

I used a VPN to get in, but now they want KYC to be completed.

If any of you guys would be down to help me with KYC I'll suck you off and also shoot you some monies for the trouble.

This isn't like some identity theft crap, you basically need to submit a photo of your ID, proof of residence, and a photo of yourself holding the ID.

As silly as it sounds I've known some of you guys here a long time so I trust that I wouldnt get ass fucked for reaching out :)

Please DM me if you're interested! We can discuss details.

What country and how much are you paying

proof of residence fuck that peace out

What exchange? Is this some silk road shit?

My id? Yeah i'll do it if you shoot 100. Pm


It's a crypto futures exchange based in Hong Kong

The kyc doesn't put you in liability of anything, but it grants access to trade and withdraw

Where my Canada boys at?

Don't @Gamut . He would never do anything illegal.

how much?

@nmamane is ghosting me now. Thought only women did that kind of stuff :(

I've been in business with IronStove before and for the sake of everyone else I haven't bothered to bring up the ''Complications'' of that exchange. Cease this or I will let everyone know.

not ghosting, just did everything this morning and dmed u on discord.

i had already uploaded the documents to your account when u told me to email them to you.


Ironstove likes to jew people out of money it’s true

How much we talking


Ask for a percentage, not a fixed price.

Oh, wait. This is ironstove investing. Just take the cash.


you’ll end up owing him money

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