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The paladin sticks their head out of the cathedral one last time. The skies are clear.

Day ending in 24hours (9:45AM EST) or when majority vote is locked in.

4 Necromancers
1 Doomsayer
1 Prophet
1 Paladin

PLAYERS: (sign order)
- @Osiris
- @Vanilla_Town
- @big_ass
- @KrazyKat
- @nyte
- @JCrispy
- @JDance

Role pms are the same as the role description, don't ■■■ out and share them!!!!

Necromancer - at night you may sacrifice yourself and bring back one dead player to the game (if multiple necros choose the same target a single person will die at random). Wins when Necromancers are the last ones standing.

Reply to this dm with your night action if you choose to use it.

Paladin - at night you may select one player to smite, they are pronounced dead the next day. Wins when all necromancers are dead.

Reply to this dm with your night actions.

Doomsayer/Prophet - before day 1 and at every night you may select 1 player other than yourself in the game. If the selected player is announced nightkilled or lynched during the day you get 1 counter. When you get 2 counters you alone win the game.

Reply to this dm ASAP with your day1 lynch prediction so the game may start.


@mafiabot startday 9269

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Osiris, Vanilla_Town, big_ass, KrazyKat, Nyte, JCrispy, jdance,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4



I dont get it

Not that complicated: Lynch at random for over 50% town victory. Game basically ends once Paladin (mafia) is lynched.

@discobot roll 1d7

:game_die: 5

@mafiabot lynch Nyte

@mafiabot lynch @Nyte

@big_ass is unlynchable, every doomsayer or whatever would choose him

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i'm definitely on board with this

@lwyrup can you please tell me if predicting necromancer suicide counts toward prophet's win condition?

i ask because we need to know if it's better to res to throw off predictions or if it just enables them

@mafiabot vote @JCrispy
unironic legion posting

I don't like the idea of voting a person at random.
Also, I don't see how your math is correct.
But I don't have any better ideas myself.

Not voting yet because 4 is hammer.

i think he's just low efforting this one, there isn't really any mechanics for town to exploit until we figure out if necro suicides enable the prophets

It only matters if necros actually intend to suicide.
And even if they do, I doubt that they will declare it in day chat before they do.

Well if they suicide and bring back someone already dead it's very unlikely the previous dead person will be one of the prophet's names