Are video games art? - cont. discussion from old forum.

Been thinking about this for a while and comparing games and such to modernist and post modernist literature.
What do you think? Where’s the line between games and art and how wide is it? Curious to hear your thoughts.

it is art because art isnt special.

video games are pop art

I wouldn’t call them all that - some games provide art as an experience - in a way very few books do.

Yea it’s art

t. Art history minor

Not much of it is very good art tho

I think games that qualify as art should be valued much more - for example, HoMM3

Paper Mario 64 is art

What a good game tho


God forbid if they release a 3D earthbound they hsould hire out the paper mario art direction

Aesthetically or the experience itself? I never finished it but I certainly liked the style when I played it however many years ago

I think when Videogames provide artistic experiences that nothing else provides is when they excel - something like (cliche I know) Dark souls 1 - is certainly considered art in my book

Yes an no. There can be art contained within the game but the game itself isn’t art.

The experience is the art

The experience is art if you are playing it in an exhibit in a museum, otherwise no.

You’re not putting a book in a museum and that is art.

That statement only applies to games. It’s a special case. There is no pattern here.


You have a good point. Okay fine, I retract that thought.