Are you a degenerate?

post your record for pings and let’s find out

jesus christ what are you?

A degenerate.


2900 LOL

most i did was 41, that doesn’t seem right

That’s kills
here’s yours

ty that seems more reasonable

My record is 173, and that’s in a game I wasn’t griefing or anything, that was a 5 man -cm game I was just tryharding in

Seems a lot

Thought that way about my 220

Then I saw Jacob’s

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Word clouds are the true indicators of degeneracy imo

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Just play Osu to practice pinging quickly

I press the space bar when I play osu though.

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What the fuck

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You play osu by mashing two different keys though, you can’t bind the ping button to two keys

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That doesn’t mean it doesn’t help in mashing one button faster.

pings per minutes probably a better stat for comparison

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