ARENA FPS thread

Wish I could just play QL - but I have to play this garbage game. :/

ive never played cpma but it sounds like something that might be more fun for me? idk would you be down

Never played it either - all I know about it is that it has a different movement “physics” system. There are a couple of champions in QC (sorlag and anarki) who have the CPMA movement physics and they’re pretty fun and Different - although I’m not as good at getting Fast speeds with them as the Standard or Quake4 movement (slash) mechanics.
ask @jones he’s the expert

I mean if you want to play sure - just tell me what to download because I don’t have q3 on steam

fug it since i got qc lets play in about 13-15 hours after i finish up with my clients in my lambo


Keyboard firing is objectively better than using leftclick

right click jumping is where its at. too bad theres sight aiming (??) now for that bind

someone tell me when they fix the fps issues cause i can run csgo at 150 steady but get staggering drops in this shit

i dont wanna make another thread for these games


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NADotA should have a surfstyle server

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[–]imnotabel 1 point an hour ago
yeah, maybe he can play quake while he gives a platform to fucking repugnant conspiracy theorists and other assorted nutjobs

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[–]gism1337 [score hidden] 4 minutes ago
I don’t understand why people like him. He’s a frat bro that spouts pseudo intellectual bullshit.

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[–]imnotabel [score hidden] a minute ago
because his audience lacks the education required to tell pseudo intellectualism from real, good-faith inquiry


do you like J. rogan

I have only listened to him through jones teamspeak micspam History of Atlantis Flat earth podcast.

That is a good ep