ARENA FPS thread

anyone wanna play this over the weekend? I have the free version ofc

I play a lot, but also free version so we can’t duel. Hahahaha!

that’s alright, im more of a team player than a 1v1 guy. besides, id probably lose just from not being familiar with quake. ive never put more than an hour into any quake game honestly

I played a little bit of quake live and usually always lost. I’m no Quaker and I don’t even play that much duel but i just dont think playing tdm together would be fun since it would be exactly like playing alone Lol.
We could try 2v2 potentially…

i couldn’t net above 120 fps in QC no matter what. i really love arena shooters though, used to play reflex arena a decent amount, now just ratz instagib to tide me over

reduce your resolution?

yeah 2v2 sounds fun :slight_smile: i take to arena shooters pretty quickly so once i get some map knowledge it should be good. i atleast know the basics of quake since it’s permeated every other game ive played to some competitive degree

120fps sounds fine to me

well i mean I could get there but it would always spike from anywhere as low as 60 and felt super weird in TDM cause of it. i did try resolution scaling down, and also changing res but still couldn’t get stable 120

Great. Maybe some time we can play - what’s your ingame name?
I’ve never played Fps games “competitively” until this so I may not be as good as you. . . .

The only fps’s I played before this were tf2 (Not really “playing”) and csgo with friends (bottom rank)

ill check later, gotta get ready to go shopping with the missus in a bit.

nvm im dumb i have an account lol


I’ll play more when they remove playlists, only having tdm for party queue is meh.

unfortunately they will never add freezetag I think

I get +9 mmr for win and -30 for loss Lol

added ingame. post in this thread if you’re up for game

yeah, saturday or sunday probably.

I just got disconnected from two duels against the same guy in a row with message “Service not available”
Thanks a lot Bethesda.

Playing against Clutch is VERY fun - Very nice hero.