ARK:Survival Evolved

Any of you guys playing/played this game? Seems like an ok time to start playing again since the new expansion came out today hopefully WildCard doesnt shit it up again

is this basically rust / pubg?

its probably most similar to rust except with less chinese less early and mid aggression and more late game shit to do. i like it because getting new dinos and playing with them is cool but honestly the game is hard to run and the devs are kind of shit. i reccomend a 5x-10x rates server if you do play so you dont have to grind all day

been playing ring of elysium as my first battle royale the gunplay is shit and optimization not too good but if ur comp is newer it’s fine

It’s weird I assumed I saw this post because someone necrod it after 4 years but this is a new post

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this board is like 6 months old

but i get what ur saying

dont really like battle royales much tbh so i just play the pvp ark servers to grief the chinese with my superior tactics

Ok I fucking spent thirty minutes loading up my fart bug to fly across the nuclear wasteland and my game crashed and all my shit I stole from other retards on the server went away fuxkijng dumbass ducking retars devs fuck