Arlington major thread

Man 2-0 eg
Eg haters silent

Oh pog

China winning ti this year

Wonder if eg will pick np again

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Fear casting with Universe and Charlie.

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It’s a comfy cast and ofc eg threw

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I'll def watch that vod

Lgd is so god damn good


Eg win and they qualify for ti

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pls no spoilerino im gonna watch it later from a vod

go EG

Don’t open the thread

is rtz still na's biggest choker?

yeah that occurred to me after I posted lol

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Still farming while the rest of the team heads to the airport.


shame that guy had/has? incredible mechanical skill and some of the fastest reflexes but he never seemed to understand how to win at the highest levels. you could say it's choking or bad luck for a few years but being surrounded by top talent and not winning big for so long kind of invalidates that. oh well at least he got to be nadota's poster child

game is incredibly difficult even more so now no doubt

It’s not even rtz anymore
They build the team around abed being enabled and then the dude chokes every time

Draft needs abed to snowball so he can kill backliners, can’t take over. Draft let’s nightfall go Ham, nightfall makes it happen

Tsm has the chance to ruin egs chances for ti invite, that’s actually so wild


One problem abed has is that they first or second pick his hero, and they counter it.