Arlington major thread

Dota is back on US soil bois

Quinn on zeus xd

Will be rooting for Quincy Crew for this tournament. I have always been very respectful and appreciative for their players for the last 6 years and have followed their games for

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Hope EG and Quincy do well and qualify so we can get 4 na teams in TI xd

Nouns to TI!

Fnatic just has 3 tsm players xd

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Rtz is so scared of being cliffed he plays np and loses

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EG = Exit Guaranteed.
NA = Near Airport.

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de_Airport speedruns

EG or Exit Guaranteed are a Top NA Esports team dedicated to Airport Speedruns. You may know them from previous world class performances such as the Stockholm Major 2022. EG hope to better their speedrun times at the Arlington Major and put NA back on the Tarmac.

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Great post let's be real NA been on the tarmac

0 and X in 2 consecutive majors would be pretty based

Bro holy ahit


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Play bad for 50 minutes win 1 fight and gg lmfao

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Playing from behind is what we do

Wish mason was streaming this

Mason awake before noon xd

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He claims to be watching

There's a Fear/EE stream.

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