your male arousal scares me

aroused itp

It has that effect on most women. Mine on the other hand evokes more of like a mix of laughter and cooing

itp? or tip

i'm only repeating what i was told by the very socially insightful members of this forum, some time ago

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tip slumpt itp

in the pants?

in the penis? slumpt?

are you saying you have some sort of curvature to your dick?


in this post

not aroused sexually just aroused in general aka woke

also do you really want an ansewr to that last question seems tmi


it was rhetorical indeed

will dm with further questions tho

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pls clear out of my dms i am a celibate man of god

its hard being hard as man.

That's my secret Cap, I'm always horny.

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check ur dms

Lord forgive me for I have sinned

my girl hasnt been horny lately because of birth control hormones
fuck that shit

Get her off that garbage asap. birth control is one of the most damaging things to female lifestyle/fertility.
It actually does so much damage to her hormones it is completely unjustifiable. Better to use the pull out method combined with tracking her cycle to avoid pregnancy, and yes it is very effective if done correctly.

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thinking about getting woman pregnant turns me on so much idk why.

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