Artifact 2.0

I got into the beta and I like it so far.
There is a great tutorial where you play against bots to help you learn.
Will update when I play more.

Artifact 2.0 tourney when?

don't delete my friend's^ acct ty

Still playing the tutorial. Still having fun.
I like it better than the original for sure.

Officially dead smh valve

Dead two times over.
I saw it coming when they never updated the placeholder card art.

LOL for the first time in a year there are over 600 people playing right now.
Just played my first 1.0 game in over a year.
Spanked some noob hard.

Played a game of 2.0 now.
I just decided that the original was way better.
Valve fucked up big time on this.

yup looked better too

2 was so mf boring

honestly? I Luled

@Vanilla_Town Let me know if you want to play again.

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Yes I'm down to play Artifact Foundry any time you see me online and not in another game. Just let me know.
I think it's a better card game than Classic Artifact despite it being less visually interesting / Dota-Feeling.

Had a 50 minute game against Marski today. Ended in a draw. Good use of time.