Artifact Release Party

NAMafia Artifact Release thread

Beta Opens and NDA Lifts (video content goes out and streams start) in about 30 mins

We can merge into Card Games General when the event is over

Discuss: What Streamers/Youtubers are you going to watch when game goes live

Gonna watch kripp but yo someone hook me up w a key

Gay couch stream currently up - Hotbid just announced he’s going to write a Beta key on a piece of paper and hold it up

There is actually an AWS tool to parse text from image/vid but I haven’t used it and am trying to finish a different project in the next 30 mins

Also rumor has it a bunch of keys went out and streamers/twitterers will be distributing them

Need one of you stream watchers/social media-doers to go fetch a bunch of keys for the friendless losers among us (not naming any names but its me) so we can play instead of spending time with our families over Thanksgiving

Oh dude lifecoachHS is there

yeah it’s pretty weird to see LC/Swim/Sunsfan/Conrad etc in the same room

Hope we get to see Slacks + Lifecoach interaction before the end of the night!

Does life coach own a firearm

really glad I get to sleep through this

I will clip every lifecoach + swim interaction and send it to your inbox

goodnight! hopefully the BTS house burns down!

turns out slacks isnt there but lifecoach’s wife is

anybody ever seen swim interact with a female? this might be a ground-breaking opportunity

SWIM was wondering what it’s like to mix 5mg of derbitol with Bosnian dippers

SWIM was wondering what it would be like to put 22 spells in a deck and 3 meme elfs

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Just found out that I have a copy of Artifact and prolly beta access because I preordered a steam link in 2015? And apparently steam games for life?


game is cool but also really clumsy

That stream is so gay and disgusting. I’ll stick to Kripp.

this feels like beta dota 2 when it was super dark

Need reports from the trenches of whatever stream ur watching