Artifact supports Linux, so I will support Artifact.

The minorities have to help each others. MTG doesn’t have a linux client afaik, and neither does Heartstone. So I will test Artifact since Gabe has the courtesy of porting the game to linux. I encourage Linux lurkers to do the same, it’s time to shine.

But I still hate the marketing system and I will probably stick to phantom draft. They need to rethink this system. I want to build decks without having to constantly think about the money.

Valve has been doing a ton of behind the scenes work to help gaming on Linux. It’s nice to see them making improvements Wine and contributing them upstream for free.

It’s great that they are doing that, but providing their changes is a requirement of the GPL.
Valve do not respect the GPL.

But DXVK is a completely new piece of software that they developed internally, and still made open source.

Artifact isn’t.

I would consider artifact open source since anyone can take a shit and it would be identical

I support anything available on the MAcintosh Laptop and will join your cause.

There are people who respect the gpl?

The goy club does.

Makes sense