As MAde on TV thread

The best that ever was has another brilliant thread for you all


If anyone has good cheap tv shit to recommend throw it out here

I got one of these and its actually pretty dope. Hurt like a bitch first time i tried it and thought man fuck this shit. I was wearing it like 2 hours later xD

Why stop at living in 3033? Why not 3333

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damn imagine year 6666

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Would this make me taller? I would like to gain another 2-3 inches (currently 5'7) but I already have a very long neck. Do they make one for other parts of the body?

It would probably make you stand taller

I'm more of a 7777 kinda guy

What's that?

7777 coin. Guaranteed to be a jackpot. I heard Elon musk bought some

go 4 it

That coins a honeypot