ASMR on Twitch

Fast tapping videos are the only good ones btw and I’ve been listening to this for YEARS so my opinion is better than yours

The mouth sounds stuff is fucking disgusting sounding. all the roleplay/talking stuff is pretty cringe and weird. The ear massage/cleaning stuff helps me sleep sometimes tho

Nope they’re all built to make money off of lonely virgins

It’s phone sex for people pretending not to be into phone sex

Just like twitch is camwhores for people pretending to not be into camwhoring

If you broadcast your face and/or voice on twitch you’re a WHORE

sorry kittens- we had a pretty good run but im putting my foot down here and now

dude chill at least she’s OUR cammer

Kittens doesn’t a hold a candle to demon tbh

Yeah seriously why are you guys degrading the most awesomest person on the site =D

I never tried phone sex but I’ll Def have to give it a try after reading this! Thanks!

tbh i’m not sure how so many people can sit around watching streams all day every day
what are 20k people doing watching sodapoppin and 40k watching lirik
it just baffles my mind… i watch streams casually on the side when i’m doing something else or not doing much of anything… but also the number of people that are just sitting in chat typing is absurd
i don’t know how i even have like the ~10 viewers that i have…

but he’s right… at least i’m Your camwhore :3


Same, but I like the sound of crunchy stuff better.
I got a couple favorites on SoundCloud of people eating chips and stuff…

god that is gross

mouth sounds are okay but eating sounds… nooo

Hmm what about crinkle noises? Like plastic?


its not really that different than people who sit around watching tv