ASMR on Twitch

Me: Watching YT video on top 10 banned streamers from twitch

See clip of MaryJLeeee, go to channel, read ASMR, go to IRL channel and see ASMR.


You into that?

It w-wouldn’t be uncommon if he was…

never felt asmr in my life.

I’m not into that.

Are you wearing a headset?


Holy shit that is weird.

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It’s pretty cool, I’m getting tingles all over listening to this

This looks like normal asmr to me

I didn’t even know this was a thing.

i know because my girlfriend watches asmr to fall asleep every night. i dont like it at all myself but this is just the kind

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I’m pretty sure the ability to experience ASMR is directly tied to your level of empathy

This fucking cat was meowing and meowing at me and it was cold and it was shaking and I know it just had kittens and I just shut the fucking garage door maybe you should have used birth control retard cat

Take responsibility for yourself

THese make me genuinely uncomfortable


yeah i dont experience asmr but im not a fucking monster

i cant tell if its a false flag but im getting really baited into replying

There are plenty of girl ASMRtists who do this genuinly but the ear eating and kissing videos are obviously made to make money out of people like jdance