At work thread

I am really bored at work. Glad this thread is back to help me kill time at work.

same. i do legal aid now sometimes too so thats fun but IT is ass

I work 4 hours a day maybe

im going 2 law skool soon any advice

dont study get high all the time

maybe pick up an MMO at the same time

that was my college strat it worked p welll

vanilla wow when

idk im doing law school next yr lmao. Study hArd!

I meant “this forum” w/e

At work for one more hour

My coworker is heated on the phone with a relative. They are having a serious argument over the Lakers.

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are they black

im at work too, pwning some immortal 500 kids

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Off work

Yeah. My coworker is from Togo.

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What’s a togo

West Africa next to Ghana

we shouldn’t have killed gaddafi tbh


back at work