Atomic War Thread

Good custom

Underlords but
+ Less Rounds
+ Not locked to squares like Minecraft
+ Makes you join a match or bans you for one hour
+ Customize your champs spells but you can't accessorize them??
- Doesn't force you to build around race
- Chinese made so project and balance visibility is high
- you can't hoard gold
- some of the worst custom balancing I've seen in a while as far as their lord's (underlords) go
- randomizes all hero tree choices
- has p2w elements
- super bug ridden
-no replacement spell or handling of stuff like tiny tree
- bad AI that doesn't cast like 12-15% of spells
- small hero pool that could be bigger if they didn't prioritize stupid stuff

OVERALL i heavily recommend it

dan paid me to say it's good too


ngl was a lil disappointed at this not being a nuclear war sim but thanks for sharing your experience ban



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