What are your thoughts on Nick Land?

bad thread

Bigger fan of Nick @ Nite.

I would probably make a better philosopher than him.

I have no doubt about it

I knew a kid growing up named Nick Waters

my dick leak so much call me dick waters

I don’t know what Nick Land is.

Get and read this book then reply:

Bout to get deleuzed

Nah, land isn’t coherent wrt Deleuze at all. More of a slight influence

looks interesting

I opened it but it’s either completely about nothing (likely) or too far out of my depth for me to meaningfully get anything out of it (likely). For instance, I read Daesin and Husserl’s phemenology and I wonder “I have read these words before, have read the first few “chapters” or something of something Heidegger wrote, read a wikipedia page in college”, but that’s it entirely; then my thoughts jump to “is this actually worth my time? I’ve been unemployed for two years”.

the narrative(?) pieces reminded me of J.G. Ballard at least.

Ultimately, it’s just become impossible for me to relax and I’ve spent the last few months living on this edge where there’s a hormonal stimulation like I’m constantly on the verge of being attacked.

This all started when Bernie Sanders had his nomination robbed by Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Carrie Underwood.

It’s not about nothing. Just look up the terms you don’t know on SEP. Also, husserl bangs

at the point I am at right now, anything regarding “Daesin” is a nothing-filled rabbit hole.

niggas like myself, who are out on the street, can’t afford to be trifling with shit.

don’t step to me in the mall when I’m with my girl

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Dasein is a pretty fucking important concept