Aui200++ Day 5

@SOPHIE the 1-Shot Vigilante was slain

Alive Players


Day lasts until majority


@mafiabot startday 3841

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

wolfy, murs, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 3

Majority Vote - 2


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okay okay

well then

idk who to vote lmao

god kyle played like trash

is it kkat after all or did murs pocket me all friggin game

idk lmaoooooo

man fuck this shit

mafia definitely bussed at one point i guess lets see how much and where

I should put my vote on you right now.

then put it pussy


or are you too much of a little bitch to do it?

bazinga either bussed murs day 1 or friend and krazykat bussed each other day 1

@mafiabot lynch wolfy.

Try to change my mind. Or talk murs into voting me. lol

majority is on and murs is online so if he's scum he'll just come and hammer and win

u do u buddy

bazinga was bussing each other with friend d2. i thought that that means thats the only bussing there is, but could it be bazinga was bussing with murs as well? idfk man this is fucked up

maan murs was almost lynched d3. imagine if he's the main mafia and if he got lynched game would be instantly over. instead i lynched traitor bazinga and now we're at f3