Auto chess mobile

So i downloaded this game today and it is pretty fun.

I never played dota chess before but saw few people play it before...

3rd game ever without a loss :)

play real autochess and tell me if thats better. also nice 0 losses lo

I rarely ever get more than 1 3 star knight....this game i guess no one else was making them haha

can't tell if faz is being authentic or not
mobile auto chess is full of casuals and nobody knows how to actually play but i suppose if you're winning and it makes you feel good then carry on succeeding

you could always get a steam link if you wanna play around the house or maybe try seeing how awful plaging with the teamviewer app is

Where's the Sekiro stream

Let it be known that Daniel the Moderator is too much of a pussy to stream himself playing Sekiro

I have never played dota im casual

@asoul Just beat bloodborne and im taking a souls break outside of DS1 on my switch

Yeah I read that post at 130am and thought it was about streaming

I need the nadota posting equivalent of a chastity belt to keep my fingers from typing after 11pm

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lore file entry received

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ok I have been addicted for last 5 days.

my wife is going to divorce me

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i guess ill give it a shot soemtime since i like autochess now. it just feels like patches are slow af in dac and they keep removing shit instead of adding more seems neat

My terror blade was wiping out squads with 500 crits

how excited are you that this shits coming to the Epic Games store

What does it mean?

theyre launching the mobile version of the game on PC, but only on the epic games store. theres a number of deviations between dota autochess and it already so theyre gonna keep going that way i guess. i hope DAC still receives regular balancing and content but i think theyre mad that valve didnt give em a giant check like epic games did

I never played the actual dota chess so i have clear sleight here without any expectations or anything to compare to

lets play a round one of these days