Avatar: the Last Airbender - Day 1

3 Firebenders


9 Waterbenders or Earthbenders

1 Avatar, Master of All Four Elements with one randomized night 0 Waterbender or Earthbender check, who can discover the identity of one bender every night

example Role PMs:

Firebender PM

yer all firebenders, this PM is now your firebender chat. you want to destroy the weak and take over the world.

you kill once a night and win at parity.

Avatar PM

yer the avatar! you start the game aware that [randomized player] is a confirmed water or earthbender. every night, you may send in the name of a player to check which element they bend. if you fail to send in a target, you will idle this action.

you win with the water and firebenders when all the evil firebenders are eliminated.

Water/Earthbender PM

yer a water or earthbender! your choice. your only power is your vote. you win when all firebenders have been voted out.

  • the Firebenders will have 24/7 daychat
  • do not begin posting until official day start post
  • if you have any questions for the game host, PM the game host, do not ask in thread. violation of this rule will result in immediate modkill. feel free to ask other players about mech, but do not address the game host in-thread

Day 1 ends at 2020-06-16T02:30:00Z

do not post, still randing and sending roles

it was indeed fixed and i was able to send out all PMs

for the sake of avoiding the timeout thing and being lazy, i didn't always create new PM threads. everyone should check old PMs for my role PM. they should all be sent though.

still night 0, stand by for day start

@mafiabot startday 5399

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

LuckyArtist, KrazyKat, slowdive, Roragok, Nyte, SuPA, Matticus, theGreatWingdingi, Klaze, epok, kyle, ironstove, Logarithmic,

Alive Players - 13

Majority Vote - 7


day 1 has begun. the avatar has awakened. firebenders bad. go forth and begin quest to snuff out the snuffers.

if you haven't received role pm or are confused, please PM me. reiterating, do not ask me questions in the thread.

everyone may now post. day end is at 10:30 PM EST on Monday.

I bend water

Let's shake things up!

@mafiabot lynch @anon82208883

I'm a darkness bender

I'm gonna pound you!

Actually you can't bend darkness because there is no light to bend hehehe

this post is simply to ping all living players because i forgot earlier. player order is just the order on mafiabot's vc.


day has started

i am a water or earth bender

Probably lying,

@mafiabot Lynch slowdive

Why are you joking around this game but you were Mr. No-Fun Pants last game?

Maybe it's because you are feeling the heat?

So the avatar can already confirm somebody's identity?

I'm the avatar actually