Avatar: the Last Airbender - Day 5

epok ded

@mafiabot startday 5399

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

LuckyArtist, ironstove, ian, SuPA, Klaze,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


holy shit no bot issues this time

deadline will be sooner this time, but any 1 player who doesnt have enough play can PM me (remember to PM, not @ in thread) to ask for a 24h extension

deadline currently set to 2020-06-25T04:00:00Z


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who doesnt have enough time to play*

Iā€™m good.

Can you gutssbss give me one reason not to vote klaze

I'd suggest you don't vote anyone as you're completely lost (and scum might blitz), wait for SuPA and sheep him

@mafiabot lynch klaze

gg I guess


Idk I liked your D2 answer to me, but all your other plays looked scummy, idk why you said we won yesterday too when it was hard to tell still who the remaining scum are

I said we won?

I was talking about the convert game with jdance/murs scum where they got stomped


@mafiabot unlynch

Let me reread yesterday

True I still think you are maf, what do the rest say

I think scum were trying to force a LBJ lynch today, given you're still alive and not epok