there's an experimental matchmaking blacklist feature in the battle pass

will this be the end of NA high rank matchmaking where everyone has a grudge against someone and nobody can find matches anymore?

or perhaps the salvation?


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lmao toxic players btfo

revived game???

  1. you could possibly dodge strong, top ranked players
  2. highest end could mass-block certain players from finding games at all

everyday we stray further...

what in the gods name is that

Do I need to buy the battlepass to use this feature

I am avoiding every tinker picker I meet

It won't matter in high mmr. Most losers have multi-accounts or know how to buy them and will continue on until they can't find a game.

It will be hilarious if people abuse this tho

it will only matter in high MMR

It just won't effect the playerbase much. If someone gets blocked by half the high players they'll just go new account. If someone blocks too many people they never find a game, they'll just unblock some

Everyone thought priority matchmaking was the death of high mmr but it didn't do much.

I've watched some streamers who start a game with everyone on both teams already muted. They might have a hard time if they use this feature.

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pretty much everybody in dota hates everybody else which is why this feature was never implemented before

but valve knows their game is already irrevocably ruined so they're just adding shit for shits and giggles now to get some cash out of it before it dies completely

i Wonder if dota will suffer its violent bubble burst before or after csgo

dota will go first

cs is still very much the same game as ever, whereas dota is barely recognizable from what it used to be

also cs still draws new players, don’t think dota offers anything to a newcomer outside of some novelty of playing THE DOTA

This is useless.

Valve baiting reddit players