Axe Discussion Thread

Discuss all things related to Axe here.

This is one of my favorite heroes in the game. Shuts down almost every single safelane in the meta atm and is really hard to keep down.

I think call is one of the most OP skills in the game, it’s basically a blackhole on a shorter cooldown if you’re using it right, and it gets insane at level 25. Actually, using refresher shard for double call + blademail is not to be messed with, if you land a 2-3 man call on a team lategame on at least 1 DPS core, the fight is basically over barring there being a support that can save.

Doesn’t do well vs ranged in the laning, but demolishes everything later on. Once you get blink/blademail, the game is so easy. Everything after that is all based on the game, but crimson guard/pipe are other pick-ups I like to often get.

Forcestaff is nice, shivas/evasion is kind of counter-intuitive with the blademail but works sometimes, and I got scepter once for the lulz and it’s not good lol. Besides that, you got the normal techs like lotus orb as well.

Anyone got any other ideas?

just build support items on every hero haha