Back from my ban

What did i miss?! What did i miss!??

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We missed you :)


didnt miss much. activity slows to a crawl without you.

this is the turk guys

That’s what you think

The rest of us are big brained enough to realize it’s nma feeding the Turk posts

It's me on a fake account

You peanut brains can't puzzle this one out

also remember to post in my other thread too please

Your other thread sucks


thank you. How is it going?

Been fine. Playing Dota again recently for the first time this year, not the best experience but it's acceptable.

nice. I've also been trying to get into Dota again but the community is way too toxic. It's just not worth the hassle. Maybe the north american server is better.

can't wait for the bazaar to come out.

Most of the games have been on US east but some are on EU too - I usually instantly block anyone who uses the chat wheel voices.

just no good games on the market... what has gaming become...

Check out Return of the Obra Dinn

sorry kind of short on cash right now. Had to go out with this girl and her friends yesterday and they cheapskated the fuck out of me.

At least i had a kind of a decent time so it's whatevers.