badge thread

There’s like a big group of people that signs every game and doesn’t want constructive analysis at all

I get that everyone’s here to have fun and do their own thing but it can definitely be depressing at times if you’re playing town like this and people just do stupid shit with no self reflection afterwards

FRFM had a period where he wanted every player to write an analysis of their own play after the game ended

This ended pretty quickly when it turned out the players you want to analyze and reflect on their play don’t care about that shit at all

ye i get it. Just want to stay as far away from mafiauniverse/epicmafia/tol as possible. Don’t want a levelup bar to show up after every game, +100 xp points for win +50 for loss - - badges for winning and making people happy

Basically I just want no Roleplaying (outside of in-game of course hahaha)

yeah fuck that noise