badge thread

if you played a game, you get a game played badge.

if you won a game and you played through to the end + didn’t make it hard for your faction, you get a Scum Victor/Town Victor badge. That caveat i added is to just make sure that significant game ruining isn’t rewarded even if the victory was simple and that people who get subbed don’t get badges.

if you hosted a game with a proper setup, you get a Host badge. the caveat is to make sure people dont host games wihtout any mafia members or host half-assedly.

id like to give out an mvp badge but i’m not sure how we should go about determining mvp.

It’s all manual right now and I don’t have the time to add everyone but I think I should let @magicmagininja handle it or smoething lol.

i hope badges encourage players to keep players motivated or interest them in being a part of mafia


granting badges is easy. go to a profile, click that wrench icon, edit badges, grant relevant badge and provide the topic link

oh yeah and i forgot to note

all badges can be used as a user title

you should be able to select it from your preferences. i gave out all the relevant badges just to makesure its all good. MVP for last game is still unselected.

in the future if yuo are supposed to be assigned a non-mvp badge and haven’t yet bumping this thread would be dope ty

i think mvp vote should require 50%+1 of the players voting for them. Host counts as 1/4 votes as well. Players cant vote for themselves.

yeah that’s something towards what i was describing when i said that mvp shouldn’t just be topvoted player by default. the only issue with that is that you’re basically requiring players to vote in the postgame to select somebody or an mvp isn’t chosen. but i do like that host thing too. i think ill just adopt those rules

im proly overthinking it and people will be more likely to award mvp if they know it has some merit now

for the record title is set in prefences -> account near the bottom in the user preferences page.

i equipped my title. if you guys think the names of badges (and thus the user-title) or the icon should be different let me know. i would’ve picked a more fun badge icon but we’re limited to font-awesome 4.7 so if you think there could be something there google that and tell me what you would replace what with.

if you were in last game vote here: No Setup Mafia #1

oh fuck forgot to hand out the games played badge but i gtg

@magicmagininja pls…

o fuk i got it


i wanna trade badges anyone go a chamander/

Just squirtle

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Creating collectible badge shit is actually a sick idea :smiley:

Every mafia win - random roll for shiny squirtle badge. users can trade wongs to buy the badge from each other

This is a very funny idea but I don’t think it would increase any motivation lol.
Dendicoins were better but that’s just my opinion.

I think the end result of the mafia games is the least interesting and relevant part of it, but more of a formality to start anew.

i dont see a player badge lolz

yeah, i wouldnt say this is the most exciting shit but part of any of this is to make games have resolutions that build peoples skills and makes em not too sad about a loss. nadota postgames were so bad and i think a very negative thing to have around when youre trying to get people to sign game after game.

nadota post games included the most critical and constructive analysis and criticism I have ever seen in mafia.

yeah im definitely not trying to curb criticism of any sort, merely add something to post game to focus on who did well.