Ballot Harvesters Made 5,668 Illegal Dropbox Dumps, Were Paid $10/Vote in Georgia: Election Watchdog

numeta exclusively linking incorrect news is statistically puzzling

The Fox News clip you showed of Biden has already been shown to be edited to make him look bad.

like how is it that out of every single thing you've ever posted none of it has been real and most of it is on sites that do not have any desire to be accurate

that is a feat

hope someone hangs you to your death via fish hook through the roof of your mouth

He has a gift.

$10 per vote

truly hilarious

5668 illegal dumps i am glad we have this very oddly specific number

we went through all the footage (only 20% of the footage exists btw) and we discovered that by watching it there were exactly 5,668 illegal dropbox dumps (only 20% of the footage exists btw)

numeta you are one of a handful of people that i would gladly execute and feel absolutely no remorse

Yeah guys just like hunters laptop, none of this evidence exists!


Cell phone geolocating, and yes the no cameras is against the law. All ballot posts are to have 100% camera visibility.

imagine losing to dementia joe

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That's right!


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guys lucky im high as fuck right now or id be providing him death threats and he would be sad about it

i bet he gets so sad when i tell him to die

ask me how I know you’re just copy pasting some website