Ban all goy club forever?

  • Yes, it would make the forum habitable
  • No, it would kill the forum.

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Both. If it kills the forum, then it would be worth it.

Depends how many of you retards still think I'm goyclub

i dont mind them just the spam threads are a bit much and obviously the kittens stuff just was a bit tasteless

but i guess they just cant help themselves

Well actually, nma warned jones about the kittens stuff being tasteless, which jones replied " yeah i'm going to message her right now to say it's just stupid messing around in good humor" but it turns out all the accounts got message locked creating the 14 BASED NI G G ER threads.

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"Oh yea the kittens stuff was a bit tasteless"

████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son!
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ A Retard!

2 years of posting ■■■■■■, spamming threads, and antagonizing people to the point of mental breaks

"Yea the kittens stuff was a little bit tasteless. We had a chat and the kittens stuff was a little tastless."



Kittens stuff was a little tasteless.


Idk if they were even making fun of me. It's posted publicly so idc tbh.. and if they were then meh.
Although they could make fun of me for almost making an account for dota since some of the lol girls are making like $10-20 per game and i currently have no income. But at the same time idk if you could pay me enough to play dota xd
But the only girls for dota are trans-girls :thinking:

it's a good sign that this is an ethical dilemma for me, right? Cuz I think the concept is ridiculous and sorta sad but I also need money. smh

Play some dota for money with me @Nyte

Jones was making fun of robert for screenshotting it - which is why he posted the zoomed in photo of his face after.

why the fuck would he ss that LOL
like I'm gonna take it down or something. goodness
dont be cringe kp

He didnt want to link your instagram I think is all.

They were making fun of you for posting it but nmagane is going to gaslight until he is banned



Benny here,

I know you're joking hahaha,

if you did make some sort of account though i'd be all over it. or an onlyfans.

Hey Benny