ban mafia


@mafiabot host

I'll hand off host but my situations changed a bit and I'd rather do this than talisman

Game mode submissions open but if someone would give it some NaM flavor that'd be preferred

are u hosting or not

Sure but I know osiris wanna host I'd transfer host then

Ultimately I'd rather wipe the floor with u kids

Oh look, if it isn’t The boy who cried wolf...

i mean idc who hosts

Better s before I change my m

Bro no one's playing mafia

@mafiabot sign

ready to be hurt by ban again

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@mafiabot sign !!!!

Is this ban mafia or did Dan just spell the title wrong?


it's a thing

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if you don't sign you soff. if you do sign ban quits at 7+ and blames us for not coming together


We have to get there first

ban dan

@mafiabot sign

I’ll sign just to watch the forum burn
@mafiabot .s


@mafiabot sign