Ban nmagane?

I want to hear Loki saying “Wintercunt” to the cops


I can list 4 people that would give me their logins.

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Oh yeah? List them then

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I won’t - they would be banned too

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Simple as that then

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going to outright say if nmaGane is banned he’s getting my login


You won’t know when I’m on their accounts

I already do

I mean come on dude youre probably the most antagonistic person in nadota culture the past 4 years, made multiple people leave, and continue to be one of the most annoying cunts I’ve ever run across


@SOPHIE can you make this close in like 35 minutes

Anyway if I dont know it’s you then the ban has served its purpose as you are no longer playing your stupid little character on the site

As I said before - you are only tolerable when you are pretending to be someone else

Well that’s an achievement - that’s a good thing.

Just kidding - but I’ve only been on the forum for a year and a half


You don’t know that

We need to wait Eight Days.

​I have been trying to break this bedrock for 19 days 3 hours 9 minutes 7 seconds, And i have been digging down for 19 days 4 hours 54 minutes 7 seconds.

Samuel Here​I got question, why is it called bedrock if…it’s like I dunno not…bed…idk

only the greatest and most curious of minds in minecraft bedrock breaking streams