Ban nmagane?

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  • No

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Nobody cares about this.

I love a good tribunal.:pop2:

Tribunals were 10 users out of 100 - not 1 out of 10.
It’s just that nobody Really cares about - it doesn’t matter and people caring are just Faking it.

as nmagane’s lawyer, I would like to request a stay until Loki57 is available to give his take on the situation.

It certainly is very patronizing how some people are treating Loki though.

This is so funny
Do you actually think anyone will remember any of this in 8 days?

I don’t think they realize that he’s 6’2" 220lbs and could literally punch you through a fucking wall.

This isn’t some internet confrontation and I’m sure he wouldn’t be appreciative of it being treated as such.

He squats 440 pounds and deadlifts 500 pounds

we owe him that.

I think what pushed him over the edge was me saying “I think in a physical confrontation… … I would come out on top…” but that wasn’t recorded


Actually I think it was recorded but OBS wasn’t getting my mic - you could hear him saying “No you wouldn’t” or something

I think nma should probably be banned for all the shit he’s done over the years but let’s be real there’s no way you’re banning him

who are you?

Even if he is banned, half the forum will give him their login info

What Have I done over the years? Post my role pm in mafia game?

You’re right about that - at least :)

Not the case any more he’s overstayed his welcome

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