Ban that guy!


We Got Him GIFs | Tenor

I sent you the new TS IP.

What did he post that got him banned

he requested to be banned and titled a thread with a bypass of the obscenity filter

he requested 6 months i gave him until june when he can reevaluate

hope the inhouses are going well

Inhouses ended early.
Jcrispy was hosting and he kicked Jones from TS and kicked Chris from the in-game lobby.
And then banned us all for "circlejerking and sucking jones off" (his words), went afk, and nobody played more.

We had to get a new TS - I sent you the IP on steam.

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All downhill since he said i would never get 99 agility

Who got the ban hammer this time?

I cant think of a funny answer


I heard that he is fat

That is what Jones purports, yes.

Probably has a bad occipital bun

we're at lunch, and there's only four seats available: myself, nmaGane, Chris, and kaptenrobert
and jcrispy has just had to sit by himself (or with brendan) for 2 years and now he's brought a gun to school and is threatening everyone screaming about "owning jones" or whatever

probably the most hardcore attention seeking we've ever witnessed

Why are you denying your friend attention

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just learned that jcrispy vapes


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