ban YNS

topic, dox’s me and called my father yesterday; this is unacceptable and I expect the moderators to remove him from the website.

YNS won't be banned but I think a clear stance should be taken against his actions and it should be clear that if he is calling people's parents or whatever that there will be consequences in the future

Shit like this

Shouldn't be allowed either - nobody should tolerate someone saying " I did X bad thing because the other guy is Really bad"


what did he tell your dad

He told him that jones needs to give up the CybEr pUNk lifestyle and surrender to a mega corp

nothing I asked if it was him by name, he said yes, I said I was an old high school friend of his son (said Jones’s full name) and I was trying to contact him, he said cool and I said I had two numbers and was checking which number was which and would call jones next, he said I could try and call jones right now but he stays up all night on his computer and lives a weird lifestyle so he might be asleep, I said ok, he asked about the area code and what part of North Carolina I was in, I said Raleigh/Durham, he said oh cool jones’s Grandparents were from out there and asked me what I was doing there and I said I was going to duke, he asked me for what, I said I didn’t know and was just doing my undergrad and getting my generals done, he started laughing and said “you’re doing that at duke?” And I started laughing and told him I had no idea what I wanted to do, we both laughed and he told me jones sister had applied for graduate school at duke, can’t remember if he said she got denied or what, he asked for my name again so I told him James norton and he said he would tell jones I called if I couldn’t get in contact with him right now because he was asleep or whatever so I said thanks and goodbye and that was it


Yns is a wholesome, non malicious troll. He’s okay unlike the others

:O very cool

thinking about grad school at duke


There are things I’ve wanted to talk about here and decided against because I was pretty sure ur buds would do something similar in a way worse fashion…idk seems hypocritical when u give the impression of being that kind of person

are you the dumbest person on the forum

i’m sorry, there’s a major difference between you perceiving that nmagane will fuck with your life in a more real sense, (i.e. tracking down your relatives and calling them up for no other reason than to exert some “power” in between posting about how they’re going to ruin my life) and it actually happening

I’m sure he’d never

nevermind that “my friends” existing doesn’t entail that I should be abused and harassed in such a way
nevermind that “my friends” to my knowledge, have never done something like that on the forum

nevermind that I have never done something like that one the forum

I mean you guys have openly threatened to like less than a day ago

Loki could lose his apartment lol

like please think and tell me what the difference is between nmagane posting on the forum saying he’s going to call up your grandmother and him actually calling your grandmother and tell me which is actually seriously malicious

I’m just trolling I didn’t think you would get this upset

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IDK maybe you’d have a point if he did anything impactful…at this point it was more to scare u…like the threat alone…looks like it worked lol

you like, say “just tell your dad it was some dude you know and you talked to him”

well like, what if I don’t want to lie to my fucking dad dude