battle royale general

fortnite pubg apex legends, ring of elysium, darwin project, whatever the fuck

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First for Origin, the Premiere videogame DRM platform.

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Battle royal sucks

i do not like playing them either

Why did you make this thread

so if anyone wants to post about a battle royale game they dont need to make one

I would like to play apex lefends sometime if anyones down add me on origin DANxDANxDAN

i will play 2day, i have some epic mining to do in EVE though… these rocks wont crack themselves

also reflex WHEN (im already breaking topic)

I just like being on teams with my buddies when i play with em. Same reason id rather queue for team games than 1v1 in sc

Ill still do it but prolly not till wdekend

apex is free and ownage and only 10 gigs big and alread yhas 10 million players across all consoles. feels like a cross of halo/cod/battlefield/titanfall/borderlands i guess. very fun at least worth a try

can only play in squads of 3 rn but im sure that will change very soon, its super likely they started with only group party q as a sort of stress test

or at least watch any random old streamer play it :blush:

add me ???

I don’t think they intend to change the 3 man squad. In one of the q&as being posted they talked about balancing and designing the game around squads of 3

oh fuck they have smoke (caustic) i gottap lay that shit is sending me and my quebec guys to a lan in ottawa called battle royale

i picked up playing PUBG again, if anyone interested hit me up