BazingaBoy Mafia Day 3 Petition Thread

this game needs to start sooner than 18 hours from now


this game should be over.

ironstove zeused
jones zused
me killed unfairly.

your fucking mafia honor, just ripped from you and stomped in the dust.

bazinga owes me a formal apology.

  1. for not rigging me mafia
  2. for killing me when i didnt deserve to die

Oh you deserved to die

you are alive. please do not speak about the current game friendo.

When did that ever stop me. Game is likely over anyways

remember when you said i town told then lynched me

Kyle can you go back and earnestly reread yourself and with confidence say you should have been townread and not lynched?

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I would be more mad losing to you if i didnt lynch ypu and you were scum so i tunneled hard

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Sometimes its not only about the current game but who outplayed who and the bragging that happens afterwards

so bascially you town read me but in the off chance i was mafia. youd rather town lose than me to outplay you.

alright faz.

you bitch about other ppls play but this is how u play

Ultimately you want to be a strong contributing town with good reads. This is where you can effectively lead town into lynching who you think is mafia and they will follow.

2nd best is strong contributing town with poor reads. At least you avoid being mislynched but you towntell enough to help narrow down scum pool.

3rd is poorly contributing town with good reads. You might have figured out who mafia is but no one cares about what you have to say cause no one trusts you. You are an easy mislynch.

4th is poorly contributing town with poor reads. You are an easy mislynch and easy pocket for mafia.

more worried about ur ego than winning

I stopped carrying about winning long time ago

Dota with 50% win rate

Winning in mafia is too dependent on the player pool where it is super difficult to control the outcome by yourself

So all you can really do is try to be in the first pool of players i mentioned.

And if your reads are bad just blame people you mislynched and make it seem like they were in the 3rd or 4th pool

Come-on guys no talking about active games.