Bear in the Woods! (Day 2)

You awake in the dark and the cold to the sound of something grubbling about in the dirt outside your tent. The moon is clouded, stars mute; the air hangs heavy and oppressive. You unzip the flap slowly and poke your head out to investigate the commotion only to find yourself face-to-rear with a Big Brown Bear!

You scream and wet yourself a little. All of a sudden, the world is in motion - naked men are running from the tents, their pale bodies glinting obliquely in the moonlight, stumbling, tumbling in the brush, getting caught in the stakes and cordage. Why does nobody want to stay and talk it out with the bear?

As the sun rises, the members of town trickle back into camp to assess the damage. The site is in shambles. It seems that the absent-minded Admin Epok, before he was cast out by town, left a bacon-drenched towel on top of his tent - presumably because he thought it would be a good idea to attract bears to the site to "increase activity."

The slowest of the group, @Agubar, was eaten by the bear. He was the town Sheriff.

Instead of a day lynch, town will vote today to Deputize a New Sheriff. The Sheriff will be given a bear-gun. (Use the normal vote process with mafiabot to vote for town's new Sheriff. No lynch today.)

@_jdance and @ian were wandering the forest at night looking for a quiet place to be alone together when they tripped over a rock and fell down a deep hole. Some say their fate was a punishment from the gods.

Jdance was the town Tracker.

Ian was an Unhappy Camper.

The bear will likely return to this campsite tonight. Town may want to find a new place to camp during the day.

Day 2 will last until 2022-05-31T03:59:00Z.

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@mafiabot startday 7789

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Osiris, The_Mafia_Mobster_and_the_Vanilla_Town, AnonFatTony, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 4

Majority Vote - 3


@KrazyKat What was your PR ability?

It would be quite humiliating if we lost to a solo-scum Krazy Kat.

There also might not even be a scum player and it's just a big joke. (Big Benny ran a no-scum game (Ghost in the Office) on the old forum, and Alightsoul is known to steal his jokes from him)

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so what's your role @krazykat if you did softclaim

only 1 scum i assume

I have no idea what happened.
I am a vt.
And I didn't see insom's flip.
Could he be scum?

No he flipped VT. Everyone was talking about it.

Am I missing something here?

No, it's either a 1 scum or 0 scum game. Not sure why you're so "confused"...

No they were not.

You're lying.

Can we just randomly roll the gun vote? It's a 75% chance to not give it to mafia.

I can't roll but i am down

Discobot is prejudiced against anonymous users

Just nobody vote until the day ends.

OK I re-read day one and just realized how buzzed I got last night.
I apologize.

@AnonFatTony you want the gun? Not sure I trust the others with it.