whats tolera like IRL
whats rime like

Beesa is not on this forum.

But I can tell you all about rime if want - not the coolest guy to talk about though.

I disagree, high pp osu! players are very interesting to talk about.

I have known many, many, of those and none of them are close to interesting. Trust me.

High Osu PP is rimes only redeeming quality though

Myself as well. Your wrong

The only osu player I really “follow” and “think” is cool is the forum’s very own @timado

@timado is the lowest ranked Osu player I have seen in my life.

That is kind of the draw for me.

When are we having an osu game night?

Added it to the list! @SOPHIE

Just @ me next time you have question :^)

I used to play with beesa :)