Behind The Scenes Look: The Audience of

In mafia a lot of people were in doubt about non player audiences reading the threads however this is not the case. I was contacted (via pm) into one of the audience discords as one of the members of the audience was reading the thread for the first time. I recorded it (not by his knowledge) to prove a point that the audience do exist and they are laughing at people who frequently mess up and perform sub-optimally.

@SOPHIE 2:17 is directed at you; sorry about that.

There was 30 minutes of this but I didn’t want to record it all hahaha!

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How many members are in such Audience discords?

This is not discussing the current game by the way it’s simply a recording of an audience member. The audience read every thread but this is just the one I had a glimpse of.

When I joined there were about fourty members in total on the discord but I was told there were multiple of them. I wasn’t sure if I was in the biggest one but they had different channels for different forum sections.

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Is this like mystery science theater but watching forun mafia

I would assume that it’s just the mafia community all over the web. They usually like to study new and growing mafia forums.

Exactly this. I used to be a huge part of this section of the mafia community; we used to spectate and analyse every mafia forum on the internet.

Well I’m sure they will immediately give up on this site once they find out that @SOPHIE is instructing members to post against their will to artificially create conversation and boost stats.

Shoutout to the audience

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what the hell

goy club is SO DEAD if Aced is getting posted…

Is all of this good or bad

More /vg/ in-house faggots

im not listening to any of this lol

Looking back at this, I'm glad Benny is finally getting to participate in the big leagues after so much effort.