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If you truly value the accomplishments of science that spits out apathetic epiphanies and technological cancer over the religion which you denigrate as archaic or barbaric, your sense of the world has been truly corrupted. The framework of scientific discovery is only possible under the ethical and moral foundation that religion has first set – society would have never allowed a discipline like science to function were we still operating solely off of human instinct. If you think a fraction of the supply chain behind a science lab would exist in a society that never developed religion, you are deluded or brainwashed. They say religion was a way of controlling the masses. That’s probably partly true. But the media has usurped religion as a means of control now and media promotes hedonism, apathy and division while religion sought about the opposite (despite the quantity of moral witch-hunts and cases of pedophilia circulating in the western education cycle – I must have missed where Hollywood is exempt from pedophilia and moral witch-hunts).

Religion is not synonymous with racism. God says love thy neighbour. I would take a Christian immigrant over a self-serving native anyday. Don’t fall for the narratives that they sell to turn you against one another. Two men who share the same values and morals have more in common than two men who share the same bloodline. Two men that have read the same books have more in common than two men of the same race who bear conflicting ideas. Don't fall for racism please.

Religion is the immune system of society. If you read enough of history then you can employ pattern recognition and connect the dots on how the fall of any empire is typically correlated with a loss of spiritual values.


You have to go back.


You are in an online echo chamber

If you would genuinely take a Rick and Morty native over a Christian immigrant then you are too far gone. Stop falling for online disinformation..

Race is only the separation of a couple of millenium of humanity. Not enough to be significant. All humans are humans, cultural similarities are more important than aesthetic differences.

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If anything, sending the Christian ones back is morally acceptable: they're going to have everlasting life in Heaven regardless of where they are. Better for them to starve to death in Nairobi.

There's not any argument here btw: it's not as if you can string together a bunch of words that will open up the sea. You can continue to espouse falsehoods but know that the end result will be a painful, torturous death.

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