Best Poster Rankings

Post your ltp (like - to - post) ratio here to get your poster ranking

My ltp - 0.309~

(Ltp is calculated by dividing the amount of likes you have recieved to the amount of posts tou have created.)

Currently ;

1-Forrest (0,355~)

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great thread


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0.35 is your value

I don’t know how to find my stats

Please calculate my batting average for me

It’s me. I am the best poster. You’ll guys’ post’s suck

Your profile is hidden

You’re batting a .505

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this metric is intrinsically flawed.

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before I create this post im at 0.54014

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now im at .5362 holy shit im becoming worse as we speak fuck

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My ratio is <.1, yikes, time to quit.


I wonder what Jeff Atwood would say if you asked for a plugin to show likes/posts?

“This is a bad idea and you should feel bad for asking it.”

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My ratio is 0.043~. Better than I thought!

my ratio is unfairly weighted

Anyone who plays mafia has a low ratio. Except me cuz I’m the asshole who doesn’t post enough.

I have a great ratio despite my mafia gameplay which says something about me as a person and my reputation