Best Signup Thread


Whats your avatar

some steam one

There is like 30 kyles played in last 2 days

i am the lowest mmr kyle probably

From MU moderation thread.

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ya i suck

Now I feel bad for nmagane

Every time I see the phone icon on dotabuff I try to click it and call dotakyle :slight_smile:

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Did "fuckmafiauniverse" survive the alt banning

I am interested to see him play (mafia universe exile) but think due to the goy risk there should be no other goys allowed to sign

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@mafiabot sign

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@anon31000304 @roragok ban this account @Nmagan

i am close to a full page of wins

that 1st darkseer game i fed but ti just ion shell and their safelane cries so my safelane is happy

also my kotl that game kept making the courier follow me then he would blame me on it and it got courier killed like 15 times

We should start a betting thread for how many accounts nma can create. My guess is 30.

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@mafiabot sign

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@mafiabot unsign