MafiaUniverse Championships Candidate Selection Thread

What does he mean by this?

Who should we send? Do we even have a candidate to send? He says he can't accept trolls or griefers. That eliminates 90% of our community.

IAAFR was given a three month ban for breaking forum rules and the code of conduct while asking to be banned.

faZ was given a one month ban for repeated violations of the Code of Conduct after moderator instruction.

faZ has been given a 1-Year Ban for continued violation of the Mafia Universe Code of Conduct.

IAAFR's ban was extended by 1 month for use of an alt during the original ban period to participate in a game on this site.

Dendi has been permanently banned for violating the Code of Conduct repeatedly, ignoring mod instructions, demonstrating an unwillingness to follow the Forum Rules, and hate speech.

faZ, Bess, and Bop, and all alt accounts of faZ are permanently banned for evading bans and violating the Code of Conduct while banned.

PushingShots (faZ) has been banned for ban evasion.

iaafr has been signup banned for six months.


and hate speech.

thingyman pmed me and I told him that among our players gamut/kkat/Ian/epok/klaze/nyte would probably be safe to send in terms of ppl who wouldn't get themselves considered trolls and banned

wasn't an exhaustive list but I wasn't putting that much thought into it

If anyone wants to play, be sure to read a whole game first. These people type a LOT.

They post way to much for me personally. I could never keep up and would get lynched for not posting enough.

Keep in mind their benchmark for activity is way above ours and some of our lower posting users definitely wouldn't cut it just by virtue of not having enough time to wade through the shit

the champs games are lower volume than the avg mu game except for the finals because most of the players of those games are new to mu too

Yeah we were typing this at the same time

I'd never send kkat/gamut/nyte

unless they actually wanted that

I agree with this tho

When I played in one it was way too much for me and that was at a time when I still put a ton of time and effort into mafia games

in faz's first game Stork alone had 10,172 posts.

I actually really like ThingyMan. He is super positive and does a ton of legwork to make things happen.

I'm remembering when he first messaged me and it's taking me back to the old days on nadota when I would get random inbox messages from internet strangers and every one would be a new adventure

I dont know if you guys remember carson but half the time I would wrongly assume it was carson and he was eventually going to get around to saying he had written a new novel and would I read it

Hope someone steps up and isn't a tool.

If only we had someone that wasnt a tool



Semi interested without reading too far into it

I feel like I depend a lot on knowing the posters I play with, and being in a game with 16 iaafr's constantly whitenoising would quickly become overwhelming. I guess I could read up on their previous games but that would require a shitload of effort

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Guess we could have a poll among the players who are interested

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